Company History

Company History

Business Coaching Integrative Mastery Programs (IMP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Killeen Development Technologies. Founded in May, 2000, it began in response to the need in the world of business (and the world as a whole) for support services for the successful, (not merely the challenged) among us. Through meteoric growth of demand in 2000 and 2001, it quickly became one of the leading companies in the world for training, tools and support in the areas of integrated Leadership, Management and Coaching, for both organizations as well as individuals.

Since 2001, it has continued to grow both its clientele and offerings into a now fully integrated and complementary toolkit of support services in multiple industries and multiple domains of life and business.

As of Summer, 2013, IMP now proudly utilizes 6 world-class and highly credentialed business experts to transform the effectiveness and balanced growth of quality, values-based organizations and individuals domestically with the U.S., and soon non-domestic markets.

IMP believes, operates and furthers the premise that all people and organizational cultures are capable of fulfilling their greatest potential through values-based models of operating, and by doing so, are allowed lives and organizations of passion, purpose and effectiveness not otherwise achievable.

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