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Online Webinars that can be streamed anywhere, anytime, and with any device. They are 30min/1hr Webinars, in lecture format, with the ability to ask questions about topics and receive feed back for an interactive dialog among all attendees.

These Webinars are creative incubators where all opinions are respected, and debates over ideas encouraged. Through specific guided lessons about wisdoms of a certain topic, the discussions between trainer and participants lead to a synthesis of ideas of greater perspective of mind.

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Online Webinars

Anywhere – anytime – Any deviceĀ 

  • Al Killeen leads 30min/1hr long webinar sessions covering micro topics from within business, to personal health, to spiritual growth. These are interactive webinars where you get the opportunity to have a discussion and explore in a safe place, questions that are on your mind. These Webinars are creatively tense and encourage exploration of issues usually ignored.
  • Remotely Accessible
  • Multidimensional Topics
  • Free tools, systems, practices
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Unique Experiences

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So profoundly did I see the power of a Level 4 existence & the IMP training process, that I introduced my business partners so they too could have the opportunity to enrich their lives. Our company now incorporates this Level 4 cultural values program into our company training.

Paul Duncan

President, Pie Consulting & Engineering - Voted one of the Top 3 best small companies to work for in Colorado, (2017) (2018)