Group Workshops and Keynote Speeches
Note: all topics below are available either as workshops or as Keynote Speeches; please contact us to custom-fit the topics to your precise needs.

Customized Team Challenges Workshop

  • A workshop designed around your specific Team Challenges and creating breakthrough strategies and tactics for greater internal commitment, organizational effectiveness and profitability.

Communication Mastery in Business

  • What is your personal communication style?
  • Where are your communication “blind-spots”?
  • How well do you practice effective and empathetic listening?
  • Why do we fight, and how do we stop that and start working together?
  • How well do you parctice the “Art of Dialogue”?

Team Building and Participation Mastery

  • What is a “Team” really?
  • How effective are the Members of your Team?
  • How do you get a Team to be Productive, Sustainable and Effective toward a common Vision?

Sales Results Mastery

  • What are “Attraction-based” sales compared to normal “Sales”?
  • What is your Value Proposition that you are selling?
  • How do you overcome sales cycles limiting your income?

Masterful Leadership

  • How do you create followers?
  • Where are you leading them and why?
  • How good, or bad, of a Leader are you right now?


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