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IMP Workshops are guided sessions of collaborative problem solving and fundamental reworking of previous models of accomplishment. Want to grow yourself in an area where results aren’t how you want them? Discover IMP’s solutions for breaking through stubborn challenges and rigid patterns.

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“We are under constant pressure to perform in a rapidly changing, stressful environment, with limited information and limited resources. Having the right tools and processes to overcome these challenges are critical to not only survive but to thrive. Al’s got the ‘secret sauce’ skillfully detailed in this book.”

Daniel R. Meyer

Founder, Global Wealth Strategy Partners, LLC, #2 on Fortune Global 500 by industry, #15 on Fortune Global World's Largest Corporations, #6 on Fortune's 2007 Most Admired Companies/Industry

Boring Workshops No More!

Note: all topics below are available as workshops; please contact us to custom-fit the topics to your precise needs.
  • This Workshop is designed around your specific Team Challenges by creating breakthrough strategies and tactics for greater internal commitment, organizational effectiveness, and profitability. However, this is a customizable Workshop and can be tailored to specific needs that the Team needs to focus on.
  • This Workshop is centered on breaking down all of the barriers and inhibitors that prevents masterful communication and collaboration from taking place   
  • What is your personal communication style?
  • Where are your communication “blind-spots”?
  • How well do you practice effective and empathetic listening?
  • Why do we fight, and how do we stop that and start working together?
  • How well do you parctice the “Art of Dialogue”?
  • This Workshop is for Teams that are having trouble connecting properly on their mission objectives and for those struggling with working as effectively as possible together in any area of business. 
  • What is a “Team” really?
  • How effective are the Members of your Team?
  • How do you get a Team to be Productive, Sustainable and Effective toward a common Vision?
  • Want a concrete plan for increasing sales metrics? While there’s no secret sauce to guarantee an explosion in sales, there are foundational elements of a successful salesperson. Beyond that, there are foundational elements of being a significant deal maker. This Workshop has the lessons you need to effectively capitalizing on opportunities.
  • What are “Attraction-based” sales compared to normal “Sales”?
  • What is your Value Proposition that you are selling?
  • How do you overcome sales cycles limiting your income?
  • This Workshop is the ultimate Leadership development experience. Upon completion the confidence in your abilities and your anticipation to show them off will be all the motivation you need. Leading through an example of your best self, you will permeate certainty, inspiration, and a sense of belief in those around you. This Workshop awakens the Coach within all of us.  
  • How do you create followers?
  • Where are you leading them and why?
  • How good, or bad, of a Leader are you right now?
  • The Wholeness Mastery Workshop is a comprehensive examination of the current state of you. How “whole” you are depends on how you look at it. In this Workshop you will discover the areas of your life that are lacking and prohibiting you from living a life full of inspiration, joy, and love.
  • With a set of comprehensive tools for overcoming any struggle in competing commitments, this Workshop will give you a balanced perspective on yourself. 
  • Discover your Personal Mastery abilities with this guided Workshop. Designed to provide you with proper tools and a proper game plan for accomplishing better control over your self and tendencies. This Workshop gives you a new mindset on tackling your personal goals.
  • This Workshop is a collaborative effort to fundamentally shift a culture towards an inspirational expression of the best of the people who make it up. From the top down, and, the bottom up this Workshop will rally a team towards an excited view of mutual contribution to the culture and therefore business. 
  • Do you questioning your purpose? Feel as if your not getting the most from your life? This Workshop is for you. Discover what you really want.
  • Sometimes people need a hard reset to rebalance and refocus on where their life is and where they go next. This Workshop is a guided reset by design, giving you a chance to take a step back and reflect on big issues with an IMP trainer focused specifically on helping you discover a new path.
  • This Workshop is a crash course in effectively deploying entrepreneurial mindsets in accomplishing goals and taking on challenges that require creative solutions. 
  • This Workshop helps you create an effective and masterful value proposition that gets at the heart of what you want to provide to the world. There are many facets to determining the right value proposition, plus it can be difficult to stay consistent throughout execution. 
  • Do you see yourself as a coach? Are you a coach? Would you like to be an effective coach for those in your life to support and help. Take this Workshop and master the art of coaching from some of the top coaches out there.
  • Master the ability to mange with stressless guidance and assurance that your team is on the right path. No more micro managing here, grow past typical managerial styles and accomplish your goals with soul.
  • Have a project in the works? Worried about the quality, the reception, or the effects of its completion? Take this Workshop to get support in creatively designing and executing important projects that require special care.

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So profoundly did I see the power of a Level 4 existence & the IMP training process, that I introduced my business partners so they too could have the opportunity to enrich their lives. Our company now incorporates this Level 4 cultural values program into our company training.

Paul Duncan

President, Pie Consulting & Engineering - Voted one of the Top 3 best small companies to work for in Colorado, (2017) (2018)