Your Values, Your Goals, Your Identity. Integrated for Significance & Success


In person or online, IMP’s Programs are comprehensively guided mastery training courses composed of proven leadership & management tools, actionable systems, projects, directives, wisdoms, and, inspirational materials. Compiled in a concise system, IMP Programs aim to give you the ability to make innovative discoveries. Discoveries about who you really are, what you really want, and then, how you can be your most effective, enlightened, & conscious self getting there, by mastering commitments to overcome certain habits so as to see the improvement and achievement of goals you desire. Achieve your highest identity and best self!

Significance always leads to Success

  • Improve your capacity, gain new perspectives, & cultivate powerful relationships to create exact, quantifiable results in specific areas of life.
  • Discover what it is you’re really after, and then, develop your game plan for achieving it through proven systems of action and accountability.
    • Companies and individuals who implement The Program’s mastery training course, experience improved communication & trust, renewed confidence & understanding of individual strengths, and, a stronger sense of connectedness to life as a whole. Manifest an inspired future!

    Online Version

    • Customized to any area of life
    • Complete at your own pace
    • Digitally accessible forever
    • Free Coaching support system
    • Step by step video instructions
    • Complete set of articles and tools
    • 4th Level tribe membership


    Primary Tools of the Masterful Coach's Toolkit©

    – Personal Life Vision

    – Echo of Empowerment

    – Type-1 vs Type-2 Commitments 

    – C + E = OT

    – Personal Mastery Formula

    – Communication Effectiveness 

    – Success Strategy Identity

    – 4 Levels of Identity

    – Mental Models

    – Creative Tension

    Circle of the “Ordained”

    – More+

    I can barely relate the brilliance I encountered in this Program with IMP;
    and dare I say, it touched and healed me like the glowing finger of ET

    Tim Rea

    Entrepreneur, CEO, Motivational Speaker/Life Coach, Healing Environments

    This Program has helped me transform my life. I recommend that you give yourself the gift of experiencing it. Be courageous with your future; take control…

    Pete Lansing

    President, Universal Lending Corporation

    What The Program gets you

    To live a life of great Success requires mere effort;

    To live a life of great Significance, however, requires great purpose;

    Success doesn’t necessarily lead to Significance, but Significance always leads to Success..

    • Pick areas of your life that you’d like to see improvement
    • With guided help, design your goals for said areas in the future
    • Get to work on integrating essential components of successful and significant habits
    • Complete and grow with The Program’s projects and systems while receiving supportive coaching along the way.
    • Finish your online integrative mastery course, and, continue to see the improvements for the rest of your life, seriously!

    If you want to improve your capacity, gain new perceptions of reality, and utilize powerful relationships to create specific, quantifiable results in your life, then give IMP’s Program a chance.

    This two day immersive experience is designed for specific situations and outcomes, based on years of experience with thousands of organizational and individual clients. In our initial assessment phase with you, we will arrive at a mutual understanding of where you are today in a given domain of your life (i.e. business status, relationships, health, organizational effectiveness, etc.), and where you most desire to be in that domain in the future.

    From there, we customize, The Program, for your needs before setting up a time to complete it. Following which you get supportive coaching calls every couple of weeks to make sure you are succeeding and continuing on the path you set for yourself.

    To get the in-person program and explore more about the possibilities of what if could mean for your life, please, email us.

    To have your company participate in a custom program workshop, first an IMP coach will need to meet with the decision makers, and stakeholders, to get a strong grasp on what it is they are looking for. From there, if a team wishes to go for it, a step by step schedule will be produced to be completed in a proper order. Starting with a workshop for the members designated as coaches for the rest of the team; before then moving on to setting up each team members profile on the online course. The digital course is completed in stages at the design on team, and is accessible forever. Please email us for full details or click, “Get The Program.”

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    So profoundly did I see the power of a Level 4 existence & the IMP training process, that I introduced my business partners so they too could have the opportunity to enrich their lives. Our company now incorporates this Level 4 cultural values program into our company training.

    Paul Duncan

    President, Pie Consulting & Engineering - Voted one of the Top 3 best small companies to work for in Colorado, (2017) (2018)