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Executive Coaching FAQ

Q: What is an Integrative Mastery Trainer?

  • A: Our Integrative Mastery Trainers are successful, experienced and leading business executives who train individuals and organizational leaders in the masterful combination of Leadership, Management and Coaching to help those individuals accomplish their potential. This is supported by time-tested processes, trademarked IMP tools, superior strategic and tactical methodologies, as well as personal and collective value systems to create results that are truly transformational for the individual or organizational leader. The end result of this transformation is the ability and empowerment to create the future of that individual or organization congruent with their deepest core values.


Q: How does Leadership relate to Integrative Mastery?

  • A: It is one of the primary skills needed (along with effective Management and Coaching) to be practiced if one is to be masterful in genuinely impacting the most inspirational outcomes potential to an individual’s life, or an organization’s potential.


Q: Do I need Integrative Mastery Training?

  • A: Every human being has a unique gift (or set of gifts) that they bring to life. Those gifts are the best part of ourselves, and they impact the way we contribute to our families, our communities, our businesses and our world. To discover and live from that gift requires clarity, passion, purpose and methodology, as well as support from those who can help us awaken and manifest that gift. Integrative Mastery Training is a totally unique, pragmatic and effective way to accomplish this critical need.


Q: How do the IMP Programs work?

  • A: We have various Programs, Workshops, Speeches, Coaching Protocols, Tools and Systems that are designed for specific situations and outcomes, based on years of experience with thousands of organizational and individual clients. In our initial assessment phase with you, we will arrive at a mutual understanding of where you are today in a given domain of your life (i.e. business status, relationships, health, organizational effectiveness, etc.), and where you most desire to be in that domain in the future. After that assessment, we will recommend a customized protocol of tools, programs and methodologies designed to help you move from where you are to where you want to be, complete with tools and support to ensure that you will be effective in continued progress throughout the rest of your life or your organization’s future.


Q: How does Integrative Mastery Training differ from therapy?

  • A: Integrative Mastery Training is a system designed to support an individual or organization to be able to create incredibly effective and empowered results in their future. Therapy, however, is a often a process of examination of challenges from an individual’s past that are somehow impacting their ability to cope in the present. Whenever an IMP Trainer encounters a situation with a client that is most appropriately dealt with through therapy, that client is coached to work with a licensed therapist, (as a natural consequence of our commitment to consistently support clients to their best solutions, wherever those solutions may be found).


  • A: The measurable results include the accomplishment of desired outcomes that move the organization to a clear, compelling and commonly understood vision of the future. The organization’s structure, reward system and line of accountability are refocused to support achieving goals that were at one time out of reach. The skills of leadership, management, and coaching are instilled to increase focus, performance and productivity. As a result of all of this, a company grows a “culture of commitment” rather than a “culture of compliance or complacency”.


  • A: Both the organizational and personal integrative mastery programs begin with an intense 2-day workshop that provides the fundamental concepts of the program. The difference is that immediately following this workshop, these concepts are applied and continually reinforced over a 3-4 month period through personal coaching. As these concepts are applied in your practical setting, you will experience your business and personal life begin to transform.


Q: After I complete an individual Program, is there a way for me to continue
to be involved in the Integrative Mastery Programs?

  • A: Yes, after you complete the Program, you can continue to be involved by receiving ongoing personal and/or executive coaching: Level I is 2 sessions per month, or Level II is 4 sessions per month.


  • A: IMP emphasizes the importance of values and goals as motivators, and uses the principles of systems engineering and project management to establish a path forward. Where IMP goes beyond other training and development is that it provides more than concepts. IMP builds skills by continual reinforcement of performance and application of the IMP concepts to life’s every day challenges. We operate on the formula of “Concept+Experience=Ownership”. Where most consulting or training programs are merely presentations of concepts alone, our training goes on to incorporate actual experience of those concepts into your life or job. This is done by incremental, expansive, as well as transformational coaching of the client through breakthrough projects of their own design, in their chosen domains of life or business, so they can actually experience the concepts in action. The result is genuine long-term transformation of the individual or organization, not just temporary change.


Q: What are the biggest benefits of going through an Integrative Mastery Program?

A: The biggest benefits are:

  • An objective and clear perspective of where you are starting from:
    • Awakening of a powerful and compelling Vision of where you want to be – (grounded in your core values and defined Personal Life Vision)
    • The creation of an effective and disciplined Road Map of how to realize that Vision, and the skills and communication tools necessary to execute that Road Map beyond self-limiting scripts and habits from the past.



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