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Personal & Professional Mastery

Integrative Mastery Programs (IMP) is a systematic process for integrating personal and professional values based mastery practices within all domains of life. Leadership, Management, & Coaching skills, combined with transformational self improvement tools, give opportunity for anyone willing to manifest an inspired future, unlimited by their past. Whether that’s individuals or organizations, IMP helps those looking to grow their abilities and improve capacity, gain new perspectives, expand consciousness, & cultivate powerful relationships and teams that produce exact, quantifiable results, in any area. 

Al Killeen, founder of IMP, has been the CEO of 3 successful organizations and owner of 2 of those, all of which dramatically outperformed competition. Out of these experiences, he learned and established effective approaches to leadership, leveraged management, and growth-oriented executive coaching of employees and associates through proven systems that are easily integrated both personally and professionally. After selling his company in the late 90’s, Al embarked on a new adventure of figuring out who he now was, and what he was now meant to do. IMP was founded a few months later, and since, has grown into the top 3% of the world for coaching organizations in effective values based business practices, as well as, life coaching of high-impact senior leaders in the private and public sectors of multiple industry groups.

Now, IMP is providing those same solutions, in new ways, that are accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Integrative Mastery Programs

IMP’s Promise 

“To help you realize your fullest potential in all areas”


  • Our purpose is to serve as the most effective training and coaching organization of its kind, for those looking to lead a significant and successful life while operating from their values.
  • Our Integrative Mastery Programs for organizations and for individuals uncover the method to use one’s Core Values as a compass for change and life fulfillment. This approach is designed to be completely integrated and practiced in all areas within an organization and a person’s life, professionally and personally.
  • By expanding our perspective, we grow our consciousness, and, in turn open up opportunities otherwise unavailable. 
  • The dedicated team of IMP Certified Trainers, who are each tenured and successful former business executives, is devoted to inspiring and supporting transformational personal and professional growth for our clients. We offer the finest tools and guaranteed support to enable our clients to uncover their purpose, move past obstacles, and flourish in living a richer life.

“My Personal Life Vision is a World…

… where all people realize their fullest potential;

… of extraordinary relationships and accomplishments;

… where integrity and honorable actions are

courageously pursued and commonly experienced…”

        –Al Killeen

There are countless “Programs” out there promising all sorts of outcomes, but few fulfill the promise.

  • Why? While well intentioned, too many approaches involve mere “training systems” without follow-up support to ensure effective application. Most are mainly objective driven without a focus onto the real underlying issues stifling growth. Still, others want to “coach” you or your team without a systematic and organized approach to integrate Leadership and Management effectiveness (of both self and others) into the process.
  • At IMP, we take a complete approach that involves all-encompassing and systematic training in the areas of Leadership, Management and Coaching, and authentic living guided by values-driven decisions and perspectives. Foundational changes that lead to firm commits of a new future are what we’re offering. These are then personally supported by world-class executive business Coaches. This results in authentic Mastery of your life and business using this breakthrough IMP system as you move forward toward your ultimate future. 

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  • Founded in Boulder, by coach and author Al Killeen, Integrative Mastery Programs (IMP) has spent close to 20,000 hours coaching and consulting with businesses, individuals, and groups from around the world. 
  • Being in the top 3% for its field over the last two decades, and having given more than 150+ speeches around North America, IMP specializes in helping organizations and individuals overcome difficult challenges, commit to new futures unlimited by their pasts, and, master their true identity in all areas of domain. 
  • Self-Made Hustlers, Adventurers, Executives, Corporations, Families, Searchers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Teams, Creatives, Hollywood Actors, and even an NFL Quarterback, to name a few, have all partnered with IMP to grow themselves for their futures. 
  • IMP has guaranteed satisfaction of all its services. If you want to start working toward a future unlimited by your past, please schedule a free discovery session today!

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Integrative Mastery Programs reflects the life work, heart, and personality of one of the most encouraging individuals that I have ever met. Since I met Al Killeen, my life has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of opportunity. He called me to a bigger game, then gave me the faith in myself to play that game.

Michael Watkins MBA/JD