About You

A collection of IMP Surveys designed to provoke creative tension and reveal critical information

The following Surveys will make you think, and, in turn produce meaningful answers for building a comprehensive understanding of what solutions will best help serve your needs. These Surveys are about you! They are reflection tools that will invite you to discover meaningful and personal insights about yourself. Your responses are reviewed and discussed with an IMP trainer, if and when, you decide you want to take the second step in scheduling a discovery session. Any of the surveys below can be used as part 1 of your free Discovery Session. During which an IMP coach helps you understand why you said what you said, and, what you can do about those answers going forward. These surveys will help you discover strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and habits that need to be addressed in order for you to optimize your life and organization. We sincerely believe and hope you will find value in them, even if IMP isn’t the right fit for you! Let these brief Surveys be a break from your day-to-day routine to take a moment looking at where you are right now… as a foundation of where you could be tomorrow… *These surveys are 100% confidential and are never shared outside of IMP trainers. We will never share your data or information with third parties and anything you reveal is only used in the event you wish to have a discovery session with an IMP trainer to figure out if there is some way we can help you. If not, we hope the questions will at least prompt successful reflections and revelations. 

IMP Surveys Designed for You

Part 1 of IMP’s free discovery session, helping us build a custom solutions package for your needs.

at the end of each survey is a contact form, please provide correct information so that After a survey’s

completion, and only if you’re willing, an IMP trainer can reach out to set up Part 2 of the discovery session.

During part 2, a free 45 minute phone call to help analyze your results, you will create a specific plan of action.

Discovery Session

Personal Empowerment Survey

Organizational Effectiveness Survey

Barrier Breakthrough Survey

Life by Design

Professional / Personal Candidacy Assessment Survey

Rebalance Survey

Personal Mastery Survey

We hope at the very least these surveys give you some creative reflection and a break from your routine.

  • In taking these surveys you have the option, if you are willing, to go another step further in reviewing your responses with an IMP trainer, where you will both take time to discuss what they mean, and, what some potential solutions might be if you want to do something about them, even if those solutions are outside of IMP. All of this is 100% free of course, and, completely confidential from ever being revealed to any third party.

I can barely relate the brilliance I encountered in IMP’s Program; and dare I say, it touched and healed me like the glowing finger of ET.

Tim Rea

Entrepreneur, CEO, Motivational Speaker/Life Coach, Healing Environments