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The best version of any individual or team is present when they act true according to their core beliefs and universally shared values.


Most training, coaching, or consulting organizations tend to focus on Process, with some helping to determine Path as an adjunct.


We believe that such approaches fall well short, of the promises made, to impact substantial and lasting results.


Which raises our contention that Purpose needs to be the starting point and foundation, not an afterthought or assumption (e.g. more money, more growth, etc.) in order for true transformational change and Integrated Mastery to take place.


Together these 3 elements of a Purpose, Path and Process are vital to significant, sustainable, and fulfilling results.

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IMP is top 3% in the world for Business & Life Coaching and has allowed me to personally spend 23,000 hours coaching and advising Elite CEOs, Hollywood Actors, an NFL QB, and folks from nearly every walk of life you could imagine.

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Personal & Professional Mastery

“I struggled through my life, living through the filter of anger, judgement, and impatience toward myself and in my behavior toward others. Even with those I truly love. Once I learned how to function from a level 4 perspective, my relationship with my son and my husband was transformed to one of love and appreciation, and I found that I was more powerful, and more successful in my business when leading with my heart and living through my values. I didn’t know just how successful I could be until I let go of my ego self and trusted in my Level 4 self.
When I let go of worrying about the transactions, rankings, being the best, and, offered an open heart and true caring toward others, my life was much happier, my business soared, and, I became more successful than I could have ever hoped.

Jodi Showman,

Mom, Wife, Whale Whisperer, Top 1% Mortgage Lender

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So profoundly did I see the power of a Level 4 existence & the IMP training process, that I introduced my business partners so they too could have the opportunity to enrich their lives. Our company now incorporates this Level 4 cultural values program into our company training.

Paul Duncan

President, Pie Consulting & Engineering - Voted one of the Top 3 best small companies to work for in Colorado, (2017) (2018)

As IMP teaches, living in level 4 allows my values to guide me, and my intuition to teach me. I consistently experience happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment since becoming aware of level 3 and 4 identity. My purpose is to bring out the best in others. I have a smile for everyone. We all have equal light within us to share. I am thankful for my life and the opportunities the universe continually provides. I don’t believe in coincidence, rather that every encounter has a purpose. I am aware of level 4 identity because of IMP and Al. He is a portal to its truth. In level 4, we are all one, and the beautiful emotions of compassion, kindness, and love fill the most space in our heart and mind. Our most important task is to seek to reach our potential, being true to our self and kind to others along the wayIn level 4, you learn to let go of the outcome and live in the moment. Suffering is only in the worry of the future or the regret of the past. Being present and thankful for THIS moment is to live fully.

Holly Morphew

Entrepreneur/International Speaker/Business Owner/Financial Expert, Fundamental Finance Academy

About Integrative Mastery Programs

Mastering your brilliance within

Integrated Mastery for a Modern World

Founded in Boulder, by coach, and author Al Killeen, Integrative Mastery Programs (IMP) has spent over 23,000 hours coaching and consulting with businesses, individuals, and groups from around the world.

Being in the top 3% for its field over the last two decades, and having given more than 150+ speeches around North America, IMP specializes in helping organizations and individuals overcome difficult challenges, achieve new futures unlimited by their pasts, and, master their true identity in all areas of domain.

Adventurers, Executives, Corporations, Families, Searchers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Teams, Creatives, Hollywood Actors, and even an NFL Quarterback, to name a few, have all partnered with IMP to grow themselves for their futures. 

IMP has guaranteed satisfaction of all its services. If you want to start working toward a future unlimited by your past, reach out to us today!

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If so, and if you are interested in IMP helping you bring about that change, please, fill out our contact form. We will then put together a customized solutions packet for you, before setting up your free 45 minute discovery call. Where you, and, an IMP trainer will develop a specific game plan for achieving your inspired future. Regardless of if you choose to work with IMP, or not, we are committed to forwarding your best self.

Discover Your Highest Identity

“Once I learned how to function from a level 4 perspective, my relationship with my son and my husband was transformed to one of love and appreciation and I found that I was more powerful, and more successful in my business when leading with my heart and living through my values. I didn’t know just how successful I could be until I let go of my ego self and trusted in my Level 4 self.”

Jodi Showman ~ Mom, Wife, Whale Whisperer, Top 1% Mortgage Lender

Insightful Wisdoms for Intrinsic Growth with Tangible Results

“We are under constant pressure to perform in a rapidly changing, stressful environment, with limited information and limited resources. Having the right tools and processes to overcome these challenges are critical to not only survive but to thrive. Al’s got the ‘secret sauce’ skillfully detailed in this book.”

Daniel R. Meyer, Founder, Global Wealth Strategy Partners, LLC, #2 on the Fortune Global 500 by industry, #15 on the Fortune Global World’s Largest Corporations, #6 on Fortune’s 2007 Most Admired Companies by Industry