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IMP trains individuals, groups, and organizations seeking self improvement in personal & professional mastery practices, through the use of multi-faceted Programs, Workshops, Coaching Sessions, Webinars, Books, Tools, and other Supportive Solutions. Over the past two decades, IMP has been in the top 3% of the world for professional business and life coaching by striving to support those who want to achieve greater Significance, in their life’s Success, by being a more conscious leader of exemplary action. Our goal is to help facilitate the evolution of new models of how we experience, relate, and grow in our professional and personal lives. We believe our life is a gift, and what we do with that life, is our gift back. Which means that at IMP, our mission is to help anyone willing, realize their fullest potential, in all areas of life, by providing the tools necessary for effectively sharing their gifts with the world.


Significant & Successful, not Stressful

IMP offers free Discovery Sessions for anyone looking to grow their understanding of what IMP is, and, what it could potentially do for them, their loved ones, or their organization.

Discovery Sessions are two parts. Part one, is a 4 min survey helping set up part two, which is a phone call with an IMP trainer to discuss your results. Every session is confidential, and designed at finding balanced solutions for your most prioritized challenges, even if those solutions lay in direct competition with IMP.

Nearly 2 decades in the top 3% of the world for Professional Coaching; IMP remains committed to helping those willing achieve their fullest potential no matter their obstacles ahead.

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So profoundly did I see the power of a Level 4 existence & the IMP training process, that I introduced my business partners so they too could have the opportunity to enrich their lives. Our company now incorporates this Level 4 cultural values program into our company training.

Paul Duncan

President, Pie Consulting & Engineering - Voted one of the Top 3 best small companies to work for in Colorado, (2017) (2018)

About Integrative Mastery Programs

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Integrated Mastery for a Modern World

Founded in Boulder, by coach, and author Al Killeen, Integrative Mastery Programs (IMP) has spent close to 20,000 hours coaching and consulting with businesses, individuals, and groups from around the world.

Being in the top 3% for its field over the last two decades, and having given more than 150+ speeches around North America, IMP specializes in helping organizations and individuals overcome difficult challenges, achieve new futures unlimited by their pasts, and, master their true identity in all areas of domain.

Adventurers, Executives, Corporations, Families, Searchers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Teams, Creatives, Hollywood Actors, and even an NFL Quarterback, to name a few, have all partnered with IMP to grow themselves for their futures. 

IMP has guaranteed satisfaction of all its services. If you want to start working toward a future unlimited by your past, reach out to us today!

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Would you invest in yourself by making the commitments necessary for manifesting the future you want? 

If so, and if you are interested in IMP helping you bring about that change, please, fill out our contact form. We will then put together a customized solutions packet for you, before setting up your free 45 minute discovery call. Where you, and, an IMP trainer will develop a specific game plan for achieving your inspired future. Regardless of if you choose to work with IMP, or not, we are committed to forwarding your best self.

Discover Your Highest Identity

“Once I learned how to function from a level 4 perspective, my relationship with my son and my husband was transformed to one of love and appreciation and I found that I was more powerful, and more successful in my business when leading with my heart and living through my values. I didn’t know just how successful I could be until I let go of my ego self and trusted in my Level 4 self.”

Jodi Showman ~ Mom, Wife, Whale Whisperer, Top 1% Mortgage Lender

Insightful Wisdoms for Intrinsic Growth with Tangible Results

“We are under constant pressure to perform in a rapidly changing, stressful environment, with limited information and limited resources. Having the right tools and processes to overcome these challenges are critical to not only survive but to thrive. Al’s got the ‘secret sauce’ skillfully detailed in this book.”

Daniel R. Meyer, Founder, Global Wealth Strategy Partners, LLC, #2 on the Fortune Global 500 by industry, #15 on the Fortune Global World’s Largest Corporations, #6 on Fortune’s 2007 Most Admired Companies by Industry