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  • Preparatory surveys:
    • 360 degree surveys on each attendee;
    • Personal Insight Survey on each attendee revealing their conscious and unconscious scripts and tendencies;
    • Cultural Perception Survey that reveals what employees really think about the organization – anonymously and confidentially.
  • 2 day Workshop: all the tools of Integrative Mastery are taught as well as experienced, including:
    • Masterful Communication Skills;
    • Attendee effectiveness/ineffectiveness tendencies revealed;
    • Attendee core values developed into a Personal Life Vision (PLV)
    • Integrative Achievement Tools taught including
      • The 9 vital skills needed for effectiveness
      • Training in Masterful Leadership, Management, and Coaching – integrative into an empowered skill set for personal and group achievement of outcomes
    • Multiple other tools necessary for empowered excellence
  • Multiple Coaching Sessions:
    • One-on-one personal coaching following the workshop using weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions to:
      • Create and forward Projects that improve performance;
      • Create “ownership” of the workshop concepts and tools
      • Create leveraged replication of the IMP tools throughout the organization to create systemic excellence, bottom line improvement, cultural transformation to being “great” not just “good”

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