The Power of Perspective

  The Power of Perspective   Consider this…   Midway through the last Century, Viktor Frankl (a world-famous Psychiatrist) withstood life in the Nazi Death-camps for 4 years after having lost his entire family and life’s work with one vital understanding; That no matter how challenging our lives can be on the outside, we always have the power of perspective within our control to make sense of life, even when it seems cruel…   Accordingly, he exited the Death Camps an optimist about humanity (despite his trials), and thereafter spent 9 days in Vienna dictating “Man’s Search for Meaning”, one of the most inspirational books of the 20th Century…   I awoke this morning as you probably did; running over the day’s worries about my life and wondering if I was “warm, safe and dry” for another day…   I knew I had a long day ahead of me with 8 Coaching calls, and that by day’s end, I would be somehow impacted by all that I was to experience…   Then I opened the paper and read about a man who had it worse than I could imagine…   This man lost his job in 2008 and moved to … Continue reading

The “Spirit” of Good Friday & Easter

The “Spirit” of Good Friday and Easter Traditionally a day of fasting and penance, Good Friday is the associated sacred Friday before Easter in the Christian Faith. It celebrates the sacred sacrifice made by Jesus in Christian belief, and is accordingly one of the most sacred of days for Christians the world over. As such, that in itself is a reason to honor it; its annual memorialization of God by a significant percentage of Humanity. But what does it mean to others who don’t, necessarily, identify with religious Christianity? Is it just another Holiday to take off work early and prepare for a special dinner two days later while watching sports on TV? Or is it irrelevant to people who identify with some other Religion, or no Religion at all? What about the “Spirit” of these two Holidays for all people: Religious Christians or not? Perhaps one perspective on how it may be viewed is through a more internal, personal way than merely as a religious holiday. After all, as it is often treated, it is essentially a day to honor an historical event sacred to believers in Christ. That is wonderful! Any holiday that gets people to drop their … Continue reading

The Power of Grateful Optimism

Dread…   It’s how I feel some mornings when I first leave the sanctity of slumber in favor of the responsibility of wakefulness…. Dread…   Why? I’m alive aren’t I? Had enough to eat yesterday… didn’t I? Still got a roof over my head? Etc…   But there it is…. The ever-present insistence of doubt and fear worming its way into my projecting Mind, trying to undermine my ability to navigate still-another day as a mere human being…   Happened last week, as a matter of fact. Woke up… noticed I was conscious again, and I started to put my “Dread” on like a fog enveloping my mind and heart-space…. “What’s going to happen today with that one situation?” “Why did he have to do that thing yesterday?” “What if this or that happens – then I’ll really be in trouble!” Like a great writer once commented about fog, dread can creep in on little cat’s feet… Can’t it?   But then… an awakening.   Like the subtle beginning of a Mozart clarinet concerto… a single note of insight began it’s high drift into my mind of possibility nudging a different mindset, a different possibility…. Followed by a low and resounding … Continue reading


Gratitude  How often do you take the time, (several days perhaps), to really remember something vital to your appreciation of being alive? I only started doing that consciously when I turned 50, (sadly, nine years ago)… Up until then, I was just going about my days as though they would last forever, as though I didn’t need to take such time… I just returned from my annual motorcycle Vision Quest, the 12th such journey since 2002, and it was a truly regenerative experience. If you choose to read on, (and I hope you do), perhaps you can “come along the ride” with me, and perhaps refill your well of gratitude for the experience of being alive a little bit by doing so… At least I hope so… The Road of Gratitude We had scheduled the trip in January for mid-May. It was something Dave and I do every year (take a motorcycle Vision Quest together), and we never know exactly where we are headed until we start. This year was no exception. Go North and see the Black Hills? Head back to Santa Fe and Taos? Sedona? Bryce Canyon? What wondrous possibilities there are in simply waiting for the time … Continue reading

The Single Most Valuable Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Business in 2015!

Let me ask you a question for you to answer for yourself; what is the single most important thing you could do to improve your business in 2015? Seriously…  Is it? – To get more customers? – To get your expenses under control? – To launch new business channels? – To better organize your priorities? – Etc.? That is what most Leaders and Managers in organizations think; “We need to address today’s problems…now!” And, of course, they are correct…. to a point. But there is a more important and effective way to impact results in the coming year… a much more impactful way: CHANGE THE PARADIGM OF THOUGHTS THAT WILL GENERATE YOUR FUTURE ACTIONS AND RESULTS! It has famously been repeated that Einstein once said that problems cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them…and that is absolutely correct. So, how do you change the way you are seeing your problems…and therefore open up the possibility of more elegant and effective solutions to those problems and opportunities? Business Coaching….! Let me ask you a question; how many serious athletes do you personally know that haven’t had a “Coach” for their chosen sport any time past the … Continue reading

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