“In the quantum world, relationships are not just interesting: to many physicists, they are all there is to reality.”  Margaret Wheatly

My relationship with the author of this quotation is profound, yet she doesn’t even know that I exist.  Margaret Wheatly, I’ll affectionately call her Meg, changed my life with her ground breaking 1999 book Leadership and the New Science.  A veterinarian by training, Wheatly is one of the most thoughtful creative thinkers on the effectiveness of organizations I have ever read.

This book uses four areas of “new science”(chaos theory, evolutionary biology, field theory, and quantum physics) as metaphors for organizational behavior.  The above quotation refers literally to the sub-atomic relationships between particles and waves as building blocks of the universe. 

Pondering her words deeply, and not because I live in Colorado, a state now famous for legalizing marijuana, I conclude that she is absolutely right.  In human life too, we have only relationships and nothing else.   The age of the Internet emphasizes the connectedness of all things.  Can you honestly conceive of something that is not “in relationship?”  We have them with people: our romantic partner, the family we are born into, and, hovering bosses for example.  We have them with things; “I love my new car and what is says about ME!”  We have them with organizations; just ask any despondent Denver Bronco fan (it has taken months to recover!)  Not all of these are good ones.   Addictions and obsessions with all manner of unhealthy substances, practices and thoughts are also relationships. Just negative. 

It is a subjective world folks.  We are all in our own movie looking out at the silver screen of life through the projector of our personal experience.   To be fulfilled and happy, it is the lens of our perspective that could use regular polishing.  (Meg is not the only slave to metaphor!) 

The effectiveness of all of our relationships begins with the biggest one of all, our relationship with our SELF.  How do we make that one healthy?  When we get this one right, all other relationships become transformed and immensely productive. 

At Integrative Mastery Programs, we believe this begins with a personal relationship to core values.  As individuals, our relationship with values determines how we approach everything and in turn, how the world responds to us.  When we identify with values, as opposed to ego, we put forth our “authentic selves.”  This integrity invites and attracts authentic connection to others, the very essence of a positive relationship.   In organizations, through effective leadership, this becomes “shared vision” truly one of the most productive forces in human life, just ask the Seattle Seahawks. 

As for wonderful Meg Wheatly, her writings manifest the core values of “open-mindedness’, “creativity,” and “human connection.”  The work we do at Integrative Mastery Programs embodies “authenticity.”   Our mission is to inspire and support transformational personal and organizational growth. 

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