Gratitude  How often do you take the time, (several days perhaps), to really remember something vital to your appreciation of being alive? I only started doing that consciously when I turned 50, (sadly, nine years ago)… Up until then, I was just going about my days as though they would last forever, as though I didn’t need to take such time… I just returned from my annual motorcycle Vision Quest, the 12th such journey since 2002, and it was a truly regenerative experience. If you choose to read on, (and I hope you do), perhaps you can “come along the ride” with me, and perhaps refill your well of gratitude for the experience of being alive a little bit by doing so… At least I hope so… The Road of Gratitude We had scheduled the trip in January for mid-May. It was something Dave and I do every year (take a motorcycle Vision Quest together), and we never know exactly where we are headed until we start. This year was no exception. Go North and see the Black Hills? Head back to Santa Fe and Taos? Sedona? Bryce Canyon? What wondrous possibilities there are in simply waiting for the time … Continue reading

The Single Most Valuable Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Business in 2015!

Let me ask you a question for you to answer for yourself; what is the single most important thing you could do to improve your business in 2015? Seriously…  Is it? – To get more customers? – To get your expenses under control? – To launch new business channels? – To better organize your priorities? – Etc.? That is what most Leaders and Managers in organizations think; “We need to address today’s problems…now!” And, of course, they are correct…. to a point. But there is a more important and effective way to impact results in the coming year… a much more impactful way: CHANGE THE PARADIGM OF THOUGHTS THAT WILL GENERATE YOUR FUTURE ACTIONS AND RESULTS! It has famously been repeated that Einstein once said that problems cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them…and that is absolutely correct. So, how do you change the way you are seeing your problems…and therefore open up the possibility of more elegant and effective solutions to those problems and opportunities? Business Coaching….! Let me ask you a question; how many serious athletes do you personally know that haven’t had a “Coach” for their chosen sport any time past the … Continue reading

How Masterful and Effective are Your Relationships?

We are all aware of how great relationships impact our lives. Relationships take on many forms.  Some of these are work relationships, romantic relationships, friendships, acquaintances, business partnerships, and marriage.  When our needs are being met, we perceive that our relationships are going well and feel as though we are happy.  When one or more of our relationships are strained we may get concerned.  When a multitude of our life relationships are not performing for us, then we may feel that life isn’t that great.  We lament how things never work out, or I’m not lovable, or he or she just doesn’t understand me or my partner is a selfish bastard or the employees are just out for themselves.  This is likely based on what we may or may not be receiving from the relationship, right? Perhaps a different perspective is needed in order to create and maintain masterful, effective relationships in our lives.  Perhaps it all begins with a different view on our connection with the people in our lives.  You have heard the expression “it’s all about me”, maybe “it’s all about them”.  Perhaps creating real connections with the people in our lives is really about shifting from … Continue reading


“In the quantum world, relationships are not just interesting: to many physicists, they are all there is to reality.”  Margaret Wheatly My relationship with the author of this quotation is profound, yet she doesn’t even know that I exist.  Margaret Wheatly, I’ll affectionately call her Meg, changed my life with her ground breaking 1999 book Leadership and the New Science.  A veterinarian by training, Wheatly is one of the most thoughtful creative thinkers on the effectiveness of organizations I have ever read. This book uses four areas of “new science”(chaos theory, evolutionary biology, field theory, and quantum physics) as metaphors for organizational behavior.  The above quotation refers literally to the sub-atomic relationships between particles and waves as building blocks of the universe.  Pondering her words deeply, and not because I live in Colorado, a state now famous for legalizing marijuana, I conclude that she is absolutely right.  In human life too, we have only relationships and nothing else.   The age of the Internet emphasizes the connectedness of all things.  Can you honestly conceive of something that is not “in relationship?”  We have them with people: our romantic partner, the family we are born into, and, hovering bosses for example.  We … Continue reading

Where are Tomorrow’s Leaders?

While not well known, it is no secret; the American workforce is at a unique point in its history. No other time in history have so many different generations comprised the same work-centered cohort. From the Mature/WWII Generation to the Baby-boomers to Millennial’s there are four distinct generations at work producing a remarkable amount of wealth.  In looking at the figures, the US workforce clearly reflects these demographics: While this workforce dynamic offers many reasons to be encouraged it also brings with it a story of transition, a story that is taking place in almost every sector of the American economy. In short, that story goes something like this. Entrepreneurial business owners of small and medium sized businesses, some who started as long as 40 years ago are now looking for an exit. Their businesses, which provide great value in terms of wealth creation, service to clients and communities and most importantly jobs, are in need of new leaders. It would be one thing if this story involved fairytale characters that could magically “make it so”, changing and transitioning seamlessly from one leader to the next; but this isn’t the case. Transition of leaders and owners is difficult and costly … Continue reading

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