Let me ask you a question for you to answer for yourself; what is the single most important thing you could do to improve your business in 2015?

Seriously…  Is it?

  • – To get more customers?
  • – To get your expenses under control?
  • – To launch new business channels?
  • – To better organize your priorities?
  • – Etc.?

That is what most Leaders and Managers in organizations think; “We need to address today’s problems…now!”

And, of course, they are correct…. to a point. But there is a more important and effective way to impact results in the coming year… a much more impactful way:


It has famously been repeated that Einstein once said that problems cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them…and that is absolutely correct. So, how do you change the way you are seeing your problems…and therefore open up the possibility of more elegant and effective solutions to those problems and opportunities?

Business Coaching….!

Let me ask you a question; how many serious athletes do you personally know that haven’t had a “Coach” for their chosen sport any time past the 7th grade?


Because athletes know that to be optimized with their potential, they must have someone who can join them in their Reality and help them develop new options of response and forward actions that will increase the results they are committed to.

Business and Life Coaching is exactly that same dynamic, and very few truly committed people can get to their ultimate potential without effective support…and an authentically experienced and qualified Coach can be just that support.

How do you find a great Coach?

Find one who:

  • – is experienced in the area you seek support (isn’t just a conceptual Coach but has been there…done that);
  • – find someone you personally connect with (so trust can be developed);
  • – has a successful track record (with a long list of satisfied, transformed and inspired clients who can be contacted for a confidential analysis of the Coach’s effectiveness);
  • – who guarantees their effectiveness;
  • – who you can believe is an “investment” rather than “expense” for the time, energy and money you will be paying for his or her services.

Statistics in the Professional Coaching Industry show that 94% of Coaches are relatively unsuccessful….

That isn’t a criticism…they are invariably good people with benevolent intentions…but as with all things…”you get what you pay for”.

If you are open to the possibility that your future can be co-created by you and your activities, and that future can be unlimited by the past, demonstrate your commitment to the stewardship of your life and business by engaging with a Business Coach this month…before Christmas….so you can begin designing what has to change for 2015.

Get some qualified help for your Business growth…strategically, tactically, culturally….

Develop a Business Plan and approach to 2015, starting this last month of 2014, to allow your business to flourish and grow in the coming year!

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. You can be so much more than you currently are…if your commitment to that optimized potential exceeds your insistence that only you can somehow access your best answers.

May your path to the future be bright and blessed with not mere success…but personal significance along with that success.

Al Killeen