There is no shortage of talk these days on finding life balance.  Do you ever get that feeling that things are out of control?  You know one area of your life is dominating everything else.  You’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in our westernized habits of go-go, get there first, beat the next guy, make the money, be the best, get the power, get the hot spouse, get the house, get the car, get the country club, well you get the picture.

It’s not going to do you any good to win in one or two of areas of your life at the expense of the other major life domains you have.  I know you’ve heard this before.  We all know people who succeeded in business only to have their health fail, or loose their family. Maybe, if your values are in the right place you can recast your mold for balance in your life.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

It’s OK to be out of balance for periods as long as your primary stakeholders know why and understand.  Keep in mind you are a primary stakeholder as well.  Make sure that this imbalance is rooted in a core value of yours, which defines its right purpose.  If you have to work, tell your family and gain their support.  If you need to be with your family, tell your co-workers and boss.  Preserve your stakeholder relationships (including yourself); they are an important key to your happy life.

You can only be out of balance for a limited time or you risk something.  There is a price for imbalance. It could be your health, marriage, relationships, love, self-actualization, spirituality, career, well you get the picture.

Most of us automatically think of how our work dominates our life.  It’s not just work that can be the problem.  People can get out of balance with too much of anything.  Too much recreation, obsessive exercise, too much fun, too much time with your partner, and not having enough money are all examples of other life domains that can get out of whack.  Pay attention to your whole life, and your life will be whole.

In his book Half Time, Bob Buford says that you need to decide what’s in your box.  He explains that you can only have one thing in the box.  This is your one thing that is of most importance to you.  The one thing that you will commit to in any circumstance.  It could be God, your family, money, your career, etc.  It’s the choice you make when you have to pick.  Decide what your priorities are.  Determine what your true core values are and commit to building your life around them.  Create your “Personal Life Vision”.  This is a way to incorporate the natural “life drivers” that will keep you on track.

Life is a constant balancing act, it’s dynamic, expect it to be.  The universe will always seek to fill a vacuum.  So you have that going for you.  You can always find balance if you’re aware of what’s going on, and mindful of taking action to fill the vacuum in whatever area needs attention.  If you don’t make the time for balance in your life, whatever success you create will most likely be short lived or will ultimately be over-shadowed by the voids that have been created.

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