Phil Shell

Phil Shell


Phil has been in the real estate business now for over 40 years, he is the Managing Broker for 100 real estate brokers in three offices of the world’s largest RE/MAX Franchise.  “I believe that my early years in the business have given me a unique perspective and platform to understand human behavior.”

Having implemented the IMP tools in each of these offices, “The transformation of the culture of the offices is amazing”.  These are more than tools, they really are a philosophy or manner of conduct and understanding.  “When you give people the opportunity and permission to be kind and contribute, it is amazing to watch the heart of an organization blossom.”

Phil has been a coach for IMP for the past 8 years and has many coaching clients.  The compassion that Phil approaches his practice with is inspiring to his many clients.  “The goal of the coach is to help us see ourselves as we truly are – not as we ‘judge ourselves to be’.”  Too often, we allow our judgments to ‘overshadow’ our God given gifts – but it is in our gifts where are true greatness resides.”

Phil Shell’s Personal Life Vision (PLV)

My Personal Life Vision is a world … Where Compassion results in fulfillment. Where authentic connections are created through respect, which results in exhilaration and passion for life.

Phil Shell

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