Al Killeen

Integrative Mastery Programs

B.A. (cum laude); C.M.L.; CMT

Al_Killeen_photo_400x600Al Killeen has spent the last 45 years studying the human condition applied to life, relationships and business, through the perspectives of a broad spectrum of traditions. He is currently the Founder and President of Integrative Mastery Programs.  His resume includes work history in Pharmaceuticals, Finance and 25 years in the Mortgage Industry. He was the Founder President of Highline-Equitrust Mortgage Corporation (10 years, sold at a 6,000% profit over starting capital), President of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (1997-98),  Founder Inaugural President of the Rocky Mountain Mortgage Lenders Association (1997-98); an 8 state mortgage alliance of mortgage associations), and the Ethics Chairman for the CMLA (1995).

Al has successfully trained Integrative Leadership, Management and Coaching skills to hundreds of individuals and organizational executives in dozens of major companies (including both Wells Fargo and Re/Max) using the tools and technologies of Integrative Mastery Programs, and considers it to be among the greatest areas of fulfillment and accomplishment of his life. His compelling first book: “Soul Proprietorship: 8 Critical Steps to Overcoming Problems in Business and Life” was published in December 2009. His second book, “Soul Experience, The 4th Level of Identity” was released in 2018.

Al’s clients include Fortune 500 companies (Wells Fargo, ReMax, Medtonic), as well as countless smaller, privately-owned firms. Individual clients include dozens of CEOs, “C” level executives, managers at all levels, the 4th generation owner of largest privately-owned Department Store chain in America, and an NFL quarterback.

In addition to regularly delivering keynote speeches, Al’s areas of particular client focus include Personal Development and Executive Training Workshops, Personal Mastery Programs, and Executive Business Coaching in the areas of Integrative Leadership, Management and Coaching.

Current Practice Overview

  • Senior Executive, full-time coaching clients
  • Current average Coaching client engagement = 9.5 years
  •  Companies which operate regionally and nationally in mortgage lending, real estate, banking, consulting, manufacturing, and technology in 7 different industries in 15+ states
  • 19,000+ hours of Personal/Professional Coaching of 100s of executives
  • 20 years in top 3% of Professional Business Coaches internationally
  • Registered and authorized Vistage Speaker (largest international CEO support organization in the world over the last 40 years)
  • MBA Mentor: Leeds Business School – University of Colorado

Al Killeen’s Personal Life Vision (PLV)

“My Personal Life Visions is a world…

… where all people realize their fullest potential;

… of extraordinary relationships and accomplishments;

… where integrity and honorable actions are courageously
pursued and commonly experienced.”

Al Killeen, President, IMP

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