What is personal transformation?  If there were three steps to transforming your life, what would they be?  The first step, obviously, is a desire for change.  Are we getting in life what it is that we want?  Are we getting unintended consequences to our own behavior or actions?  Are we fulfilled with the life we have?  I believe as humans, we seek truth and fulfillment.  So how do we get to our own truth?

The next step in transforming and empowering our lives, is that we must be aware of what we are thinking.  There can be no effective change in our self or our behavior without first being the observer of our own thoughts.  And this is a process – not an event.  We have to practice this.  It takes concept plus experience to own truth (C+E=T) It is in the awareness of what we are thinking where we are given the opportunity to understand ourselves better and effectuate change.

I am honored to have a dear friendship with a world renown, Harvard trained Neuro-Psychologist.  He shared with me an astounding fact.   We as human beings have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts each day.  Further, 95% of those thoughts are the same as we had yesterday, and 90% of those thoughts are discriminating, judgmental or negative in some manner.  And what is truly astounding is, the majority of those thoughts are aimed at our self.  What that says to me is that we go around day after day having a very judgmental and negative conversation with ourselves about ourselves.  If you think about this you know it to be true.  As we become aware of this ongoing inner dialog, we can begin to look for the TRUTH.  This is the third step.  Most of the time, we find those negative thoughts we are thinking about our self, are in fact “UN-TRUTHS”.

As we become aware of our thoughts, and discover the TRUTH and “UN-TRUTHS” patterns will begin to emerge.  Those patterns, when observed, will define what our personal value structure is….what our personal boundaries are.  So, we have an event that wounds us.  We embarrass our self; we look for a response that we do not get – what ever the event is – we need to examine it for what the TRUTH is.  What was my intention with my approach or desired outcome to the event?  What did I do right?  What did I do wrong?  What will I never do again?  And then let the rest go – let all the judgment go.

You see the event is only the event.  It is what we add to the event that is the event itself – Our “Perception” of the event.  So we must be conscious of all of the variables of the event, both circumstantial and internal, so we can find the power of internal perspective mastery, including self-forgiveness.

This is a journey not a destination.  A process not an outcome.

These things are the foundation to true transformation of one’s self and the beginning of the journey to individual Truth and Fulfillment.  Don’t believe me just because I have said it.  Try it in your own life so that you can experience it and therefore own it.



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