Truly empowered people are self-motivated.  Where does their motivation come from?  Is it delivered by a hovering boss who micro-manages tasks to deadline?  Is it from a demanding parent pushing for achievement to the point of depressing their kid?  How about from a hallucinogen-fueled shaman in a mystical jungle ceremony?

 Of course it is none of the above nor does it come from any other externally applied force.  Motivation comes from the burning desire to create.   Every great artist, athlete, entrepreneur, or other problem-solver gets their motivation from an inspired vision.  This vision is deeply personal, an expression of their very soul.  The attraction to make the vision a reality compels all necessary action to get it done.

Robert Fritz, in his seminal work The Path of Least Resistance calls this “creative tension.”  It is the productive fuel to get from current reality to inspired vision.  Truly empowered people are masterful in harnessing this powerful energy for the manifestation of what they are truly committed to.  It is critical to note that commitment is so much more powerful than mere desire.  It is also common that people do not perceive themselves as natural visionaries.  We all have fantasies. However, the difference between fantasy and vision is commitment.

Ok, but commitment to what?   The answer is commitment to values.   Values are the Divinely-Inspired essence of individual humanity waiting to be discovered and unleashed in all of us.   Values are the building blocks of creativity, community and civilization.  Masterful people understand that life is a quest to express and manifest these values in passionate pursuit of a vision that serves the perpetuation of life itself.

Fine and good you say.  How in the hell does this apply to my bored teenager eating Cheetos on the couch?  To my own stressed-out existence struggling to meet the basic needs of my family?  To my organization full of clock-watchers who can’t wait to leave work each day to pursue their true passions?

The connection between values and vision is profound in its ability to fan the flames of self-motivation.  Values are personal and often require structure and mentorship to articulate in a way that sets up the discipline of useful creative tension.   Ask any master of this skill and they will tell you that playing for the realization of a personal life vision is the key to success.

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