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“Soul Proprietorship:The 8 Critical Steps to Overcoming Problems in Business and Life” 

“I am using Soul Proprietorship as a way to challenge and invite my employees and associates to their own personal greatness. This is the most successful way to attract new talent for my business. I ask them to invest in themselves and that I have a way to ensure their success, not by what I can do for them but by what they can do for themselves. No one wants to be average in the way they approach their life, work or profession.”
— A. Full

SP_audioIf you would like to be significant and effective, as well as successful in any business climate, you need to read Soul Proprietorship, an inspirational leadership and personal development book that will set you on your path to enlightened leadership. This unique book will train you to have effective responses to problems, inspired solutions to opportunities, and a renewed sense of hope and clarity in your life and business.

You will discover:

  • How your mindset can make or break your success
  • What a Personal Life Vision is and how to create one
  • How to break through your current barriers fearlessly
  • How to stay committed to the solution you create
  • What systems to put into place to ensure you follow through with your plan
  • How to build great personal relationships
  • And more!

To prove to yourself the difference that this book can make in your life, please enjoy a free download of a sample of the book. Choose either a sample to read (PDF format) or a sample to listen to (MP3 format)!

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The perfect inspirational leadership + personal development book. The book is available in four formats:  Paperback, Audio 4 CD’s, Download (MP3), E-Book (Kindle). Paper books or CDs will be mailed to you, electronic books may be downloaded immediately.

What Others Are Saying about Soul Proprietorship

“I pick up Soul Proprietorship every day…”, read more
— Crystal Linnen, Paralegal

“There are a tremendous number of self help books on every shelf in every bookstore or library, and yet this book is unique and diffrent than others.”…read more
— Suzanne Redinger, Regional Manager; Universal Lending

“This is unlike any business book I have read in the past.”…read more
— Tonya Strobel, Mortgage Executive

“This is not a book for those of you who want to live life on the surface…this is for those who want to be happy…want to live consciously…want to find their greater purpose in their life”….read more
— Joel Horn, CEO; Horn Funding

“I am using Soul Proprietorship as a way to challenge and invite my employees and associates to their own personal greatness”…read more
— Anthony L. Full, Owner; Rock Barbers

“As somewhat of a skeptic on self-help books..this one is a winner in my world!”…read more
— Robert Webster, Webster Investment Advisors

“ I encourage you to read this book and experience the awesome power”…read more
— Gene Humphries, Regional President; Cornerstone Mortgage

“You will not be disappointed by reading this life changing book!” more
— Garrett Sullivan, Internatinal Consultant; Sullivan & Associates, Inc.

“an amazing combination of excellent writing, poignant personal experiences, academic information and practical life skills”…read more
— Janet Milar, Therapist and Counselor

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