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About Us

Integrative Mastery Programs (IMP) is the result of 35 years of commitment to developing tools for optimal effectiveness in life and business. Al Killeen, founder of IMP, has held senior executive roles for various organizations where he established effective approaches to leadership, leveraged management, and growth-oriented executive coaching of employees and associates.

IMP is currently in the top 3% of coaching organizations for executive business coaching and life coaching of high-impact senior leaders in the private and public sectors of multiple industry groups. IMP can help you “Master the Brilliance Within” yourself as well as your organization!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve as the most effective training and coaching organization of its type in the realms of leadership, management and coaching for individuals and organizations, in all domains of life. Our Integrative Mastery Programs for organizations and for individuals uncover the method to use one’s core values as a compass for change and life fulfillment. This approach is designed to be completely integrated and practiced in all areas within an organization as well as a person’s life, professionally and personally.

Our Mission

The dedicated team of IMP Certified Trainers, who are each tenured and successful former business executives, is devoted to inspiring and supporting transformational personal and professional growth for our clients. We offer the finest tools and support to enable our clients to uncover their purpose in the world to live a richer life.

Why Use Integrative Mastery Programs (IMP)?

There are countless “Programs” out there promising all sorts of outcomes, but few fulfill the promise.
Why? While well intentioned, too many approaches involve mere “training” without follow-up support to ensure effective application. Still others want to “coach” you or your team without a systematic and organized approach to integrate Leadership and Management effectiveness (of both self and others) into the process.

At IMP, we take a complete approach that involves all-encompassing and systematic training in the areas of Leadership, Management and Coaching, guided by values-driven decisions and perspectives. These are then personally supported by world-class executive business Coaches. This results in authentic Mastery of your life and business using this breakthrough IMP system as you move forward toward your ultimate future.

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