The Power of Love (ft. Alan Brandon PhD.) is episode 1 in a 5 part, “Evolve Your Love” podcast series by The IMPod (The Integrative Mastery Podcast). Host Al Killeen, discusses with Dr. Brandon, how to understand and interpret Love at a fundamental level. By bringing the discussion to life through use of personal stories as examples, they review what Love represents and how our perception and control of it, can determine outcomes in our lives. Killeen & Dr. Brandon go over tools of perspective and thought, that help us to use Love to enrich our lives with more meaningful and rewarding experiences. Guest Alan Brandon PhD. is a UCLA/Harvard Medical School graduate, and the Founder/President of the, “Rocky Mountain Neuropsychological Sciences P.C.” and, considered one of the premier Neuropsychologists in North America. Al Killeen is Founder/President of, “Integrative Mastery Programs.” The “Evolve Your Love” podcast series by The IMPod is meant to give listeners a collection of stories, tools, and wisdoms that they can use to help themselves grow their Love in all areas of life. Al is joined by top leaders of their respective fields, as they discuss in deep complex analysis, the nuances of Love in our Life.

The Power of Love 

with Alan Brandon, PhD.

Episode 1 of the 5 part podcast series “evolve your love”

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